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About Globaclock

Globaclock is community of selfless, transparent and honest people. It was founded by a team of humanitarian specialists with a mission to overcome the routine and create a platform that would act in the market not only for business success but for the sake of gaining financial freedom from this world of slavery.

Globaclock is a peer-to-peer system of donation and mutual aid fund scheme that allows participants to offer donations to each other in an efficient and efficient manner. By using this scheme, members gives and receives donations from each other.

Our Mission

Globaclock aims at promoting the greatest good, with a particular emphasis on helping man. Its connect people through donation to provide financial assistance to each other and everybody is helped.


Are my bank details secured?

Ans: Yes your details are secured with a strong COMODO firewall,

What if my downlines refuse to pay me?

Ans: he/she will be blocked and you will automatically be rematched if he doesn't pay within 12hours.

Who can participate in Globaclock

Any person of legal age who lives in Nigeria or who is a citizen of Nigeria can participate in Globaclock Community. Once registered participants invest in any package of their choice with the mindset that when you give you will be given, The participants are asked only to follow the recommendations and avoid benefiting from others while adhering to the procedures and keeping the rules.

Are there charges for new participants?

In Globaclock community, there are no charges for participating in the community.

Can i have multiple account?

Yes. But the system will require additional username and email for verification and validation. Bank details, Names and mobile numbers can be the same.

Who is a referal?

A referrer is a committed participant in Globaclock community who invites another participant through referral link to Give help in order to receive help in return. You can see a list of your referrals section on your dashboard.

Do i need to have direct referrals?

There is no need to force members to participate in Globaclock community or to join your structure. Also, the system is designed for automation; hence, there is no spillover function.


1. Mobile Application for Globaclock are not allowed for security reasons as they can be used to steal your personal details.

3. Defaulters on Globaclock especially those that uploads fake tellers (POP) would be deleted from the community.

Why choose Globaclock?

Globaclock does not really wait for the 21 days before matching you for payment, you can recieve your payment between day 4 to day 21, you can be matched automatically within the first 7-days but not later than 21 days maximum

Payment Matching

Matching means giving you the bank account details of a member who is due to recieve payment to pay to him/her OR giving your account details to the person/people who want to provide, to pay to you, for example when you provide N20,000 on 200%, when you are due for cashout, your bank details will be given to the member who want to provide N50,000 and another member who want to provide N10,000. You will get the total that same day


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